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PRE-ORDER - Surprises Are OK, Secrets Are Not - Hardcover - Signed

PRE-ORDER - Surprises Are OK, Secrets Are Not - Hardcover - Signed

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In "Surprises Are Okay, Secrets Are Not," follow Logan, Victoria, and Sophia on a journey of friendship, trust, and doing what's right.

These three friends share everything until Logan discovers a troubling secret. As he grapples with his promise to keep quiet, Victoria learns from her mother: surprises bring joy, but secrets can harm.

Guided by their parents, the trio realizes that secrets have no place among friends. They vow to always speak up when something feels wrong, while also learning a crucial lesson: adults should never ask kids to keep secrets.

As they stand united against secrecy, they discover that true friendship thrives on trust and openness. Join them as they navigate life's challenges and embrace the power of honesty and integrity.

"Surprises Are Okay, Secrets Are Not" is a heartwarming tale reminding readers of the importance of friendship and doing what's right. Journey with Logan, Victoria, and Sophia as they uncover the greatest surprises in the bonds they share, and learn that no adult should ever ask a child to keep a secret.

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